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Judith Holstein focuses on modern portraiture and works mainly with oil, acrylic, adding 3D materials in the final phase of the work. As she develops, it quickly becomes clear: she likes to break with the norm.

Her images appear ironic, somewhat in the spirit of Pop Art, and the key point is her eyes, which allow the viewer to perceive the art with their own senses.

Even as a child, she knew that she wanted to be a creative person. She attended an art school in Italy and later completed her architecture studies in Switzerland.

Judith Holstein is a professional visual artist who has been active in the art scene since 2003.

The artist exhibits in group and solo exhibitions as well as at art fairs in Italy, Spain, Austria and France.

From 2007 to today she has been the owner of the Judith Holstein architectural firm, in recent years she has specialized in virtual architecture and since 2017 she has been working with the sculptor Gianni Rodenhäuser and beautifying urban contexts with large-format sculptures.

Judith Holstein was born in Switzerland in 1979. She lives and works in Bissone.

2024: collective exhibition " YOUNIQUE" 2024 Fine craft art & design" Lugano - CH

2023/2024: Galleria " AA Spazio Arte" - Lugano -CH

2023: Seconda biennale d'arte contemporanea della MURGIA- Puglia- I

2023: " Contemporary Venice 2023 ITSLIQUID International Art Fair - Venezia -I

2023: Strada dell'Arte-  Cannero Riviera- I

2023: collective exhibition " YOUNIQUE" 2023 Fine craft art & design" Lugano - CH

2023: collective exhibition "IN HER IMAGE " SOMS - Viggiu' - Varese - Italy

2023:  " collective exhibition " Arte contro le guerre" Art Company  Milan- I

2022 : " CONNNECTIONS"the group exhibition at the gallery in Madrid  Van Gogh Art Gallery"- E

2022: " collective exhibition " Arte contro le guerre" Art Company Como- I

2022: " international art fair  INNSBRUCK " Van Gogh Art Gallery - A

2022: " International contemporary art fair PARIS" Van Gogh art gallery - F

2022: "the group exhibition at the gallery in Madrid via ARTSY // Van Gogh Art Gallery"- E

2022: " International contemporary art fair MILAN" Van Gogh art gallery - I

2021: " International contemporary art fair MARBELLA" Van Gogh art gallery - E

2021: " Contemporary Venice 2020 ITSLIQUID International Art Fair - Venezia -I

2019: " Mostra benefica " The Dreamers Association" Locarno -CH

2018: "Città del Gusto 2018 " Lugano -CH 

2018: "Giornate Europee dei Mestieri d'Arte 2018 "Lugano -CH

2018: "Centro Medico " Chiasso -CH 

2017:  "Galleria Arteincorso" Chiasso -CH 

2016:  “ OpenArt 2016” Roveredo –CH

2012:  “Atelier Hair Stylist”   Cernobbio – I

2011: “ orientamenti figurativi” Galleria Sartori– Mantova – I

2011: “ miniquadro e della miniscultura 2011” Galleria Alba- Ferrara –I

2010/11: “Premio Arte X 2010” Hotel Vedute - Fucecchio - FI-I

2010: “ €$£?”galleria Jelmoni Studio Gallery - Piacenza –I

2009: „la bicicletta“Fondazione Rotary Club Mendrisiotto– Mendrisio -CH

2009: mostra collettiva ,“Visonen“ 10. KunstKreuz - Berlino-D

2008: 1 premio " MurriPublicArt" Bologna - I

2008: Kunstausstellung Saint Nom-la Bretèche -Parigi-F

2008: “ die Freiheit, die ich meine” 9 Kunstkreuz -Berlino-D

2007: "Bertuzzi architettura d'interni - Tessuti "Milano –I

2007: “Ricerca vini”- Milano-I

2007:"Circolo culturale Bertolt Brecht "- Milano-I

2006: “ 4 giovani artisti”Fondazione Gianni e Roberto Radice- Milano-I

2006: “nuove Proposte” associazione culturale Renzo Cortina - Milano- I

2005: " DB Living " Milano –I

2005: bar Mövempick -Chiasso- CH

2004: " Galleria L'Estense Arte " Cernobbio –I

2003:  palazzo municipale del comune di Cernobbio- CO- I

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